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Monday 7 July 2014

Crazy Lamborghini Veneno Delivery Video

It's very rare to see super car owners recording their new toy being delivered to their house or apartment. But in this case, Kris Singh a very wealthy american businessmen got the most extreme opportunity of any car enthusiast. To buy one of the most extreme and meanest car in the world available, which was the Lamborghini Veneno. So you ask, why is this car so rare and the news is so old and special. Because Lamborghini only produced 3 Venenos. Which came in different car livery's of the Italian stripes individually. Resemble the Italian flag and characteristics of each car having a different color around the fantastic primary grey stealth looking color. So congratulations to the owner for taming this special one of a kind beast as I hope its being well driven and look after.

More details of the car below in a small defined description.

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