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About Me is by Consleboy on YouTube, who makes videos on the internet for around 4 years on 2 different channels, which have gained over 90,000 video views if combined. Starting at an early age making finger boarding videos for at least 3 years I decided that I close my channel and start a fresh life again, with the name “TheConsleboy” on YouTube on March 1st 2010. I started making gaming videos and different kinds of videos to approach my goal of getting a really nice sum of subscribers and friendly fans. The reason launched started this website was for all fun and galore, that I has interest in social networks also how I can make website and gain knowledge in that interest. I decided it would be great that to increase my knowledge in tech and gadgets, that I make a website I wanted for so long and grab a piece of the enormous internet. The website is currently being updated, checked and looked after by me only, so it may look that many other people are posting but it’s all by me. However If the views or popularity gains in my website a lot it would be an honour to hire people to make posts also take part in the website.

However it would be great that people appreciate my videos and what I do on the web, which that’s all I care about and enjoy keep on doing. It’s great that I have technology all around me for many years since I was a child growing up with an N64 and evolving into a PC gamer and then buying a PS2, where the entire console loving side of me came in. It is great that am a gamer that is always proud of trying a different genre I may not have interest in, and is very competitive when it comes to playing games before and still now. From the very early age I got into all of this and am still stuck into this in my latest life. So I thank you for reading a small post about me and this website, so I courage you to check out my posts and social networks I carry in my daily life. Thank you.

- Consleboy

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