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Sunday 1 March 2015

Aston Martin Vulcan & 2015 Vantage S GT3 Announced Ahead of Geneva 2015

Aston Martin have announced two different cares before the Geneva motor show in early March. The first car announced is a track only car. Called the "Vulcan". Which is a powerful 7.0L V12 800BHP track day beast. With green historic Aston Martin racing colors and a splash of orange. The price tag of the Vulcan is wait for it, a whooping £1.8 million. Since only 24 are made for production starting later on in the year. While only selected car enthusiasts are chosen specifically. In more the car is designed very nicely and aerodynamically. Since the main priority is keeping this beast stuck on the road. However in my opinion I think the front part of the car could of been improved better. But never the less, the interior of the car is completely astonishing since it resembles an aliens spaceship. With all these track day package requirements of bucket seats, carbon rub, roll cage and more added. For being a track day car.

On the other hand the second car announced is the 2015 Aston Martin Vantage S GT3. Which is a 5.9L V12 590BHP track only car. With the lovely aesthetics of racing white/black/orange colors. Alongside it's aerodynamic parts around the car for down force. Oh and only 100 units are made, compared to the special Vulcan's 24. Since it only cost's around £250k.

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