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Saturday 20 June 2015

EA, Microsoft, Sony and Ubisoft E3 2015 Conference Reviews

E3 is finally over after several days and as a person. Whose been watching E3 for many years (still counting) I normally do my own overall opinion. Of each of the conferences, but since I hardly have that much time to waste nowadays. Am just going to summarize a paragraph or two, of each of the conference down below. With the full video link included.

EA have done really well at E3 this year. Am happy with their awesome line up of games. Such as Need For Speed, Star wars Battlefront, Mirrors Edge and more. That completely blew the words inside of my mouth away. The conference started out with a bang. With the new NFS game play and trailer emerged. As I've been waiting for several years for this game. Since the franchise has been dried out and boring over the recent years. Which in my opinion this new NFS game. Looks amazing with the customization, cars and story line that's presumed well detailed and scripted (fingers crosses)

On the other hand I was largely impressed with Starwars Battlefront, as the gameplay looks brilliant with high intense action and chaos in the multiplayer footage. Mirror Edge 2 also debuted with with Faith running, climbing and wall running across buildings. That I can't wait to get my hands on in the future. FIFA 16 was showcased with an typical EA trailer and the great Pele that I didn't bother to care about to much. As the franchise clearly seems to be running out of ideas. So overall I give EA's conference a solid 7/10 with the big titles playing a massive part of their conference.

Over the recent years Microsoft has been pretty bad in E3 conferences. Easy to relate comment there was especially 2013 with the horrific Xbox One policy. That landed gamers to switch to the blue side of gaming Sony. As their PS4 conference completely obliterated Microsoft in 2013 E3. Lat year was also bland for Microsoft as they hoped to push out exclusives. That really didn't catch a lot of attention in the last couple of months. But now Microsoft have learnt their mistakes. This year's E3 2015 for them wasn't pretty bad. I liked the various games pushed out. Which were HALO 5, Tomb Raider and Forza 6. Apart from games I really like Microsoft Hololens technology. Demonstrated with the virtual reality headset by playing Minecraft on a table. Alongside the backwards compatibility feature implemented into the Xbox One. Allowing users to play previous selected Xbox 360 titles on their next gen system. Overall I give Microsoft's 2015 E3 conference a 7.5.

Sony has always been up for the most in the last couple of E3 conferences. This year line up of exclusives and games have been the cherry on the cake. Compared to the 2014 line up of titles for the PlayStation 4. The conference started out exceptional well, with The Last Guardian game hyping up old school gamers with a fresh addition. Guerrilla games then debuted their new game called Horizon Zero Dawn. That absolutely looks amazing with stunning gameplay displayed. The new Hitman was also shown for the very first time. Bringing a major smile to gamers world wide, as the trailer looks fantastic.

In addition the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight game launching this Tuesday on the 23rd of June. Gameplay for the first moments of the game was shown also, as Scarecrow intents to exposes everyone fear in Gotham with his deadly fear gas. Black Ops 3 from Activision was up on stage after awhile. With their new 4 player co-op mode and their multiplayer gameplay trailer. Lastly to send out a massive bang to send out Sony's E3 2015. Uncharted 4 gameplay of Nathan and Gully escaping a village with a massive tank behind their tales. Was played live in front of the people as they smile. With the insane gameplay demonstrating a small part of the campaign. For conclusion Sony's E3 2015 was far from bland compared to last year. Therefore I give their conference a well done pat in the back score of 9/10. As the big exclusives were once again the major talking point.

Lastly Ubisoft in short did impressively well. With new titles like The Honor, a medieval fighting game with insane graphics and gameplay. The long waited Tom Clancy The Division, with an eye opening gameplay demonstrating the various game changing survival techniques for resources. Plus The Crew Wild Run expansion pack, offering new vehicles, story and more. Rainbow Six Siege looked incredible also with new 4 player co-op gameplay. Then second to last Assassins Creed Syndicate had a new trailer, with the game now basing off in England. Lastly Ghost Recon Wild lands ended of Ubisofts conference. With yet again another gameplay of the amazing game. Overall I'd give Ubisoft a solid 8/10 score.

In conclusion for every E3 conference I've talked about above. This year's E3 was amazing, since the games are rapidly in development for newer improvements and eye catching exclusives. To help gamers choose a specific side to say. Hmm should I get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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