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Monday 20 October 2014

DRIVECLUB Online Problems

DRIVECLUB is a game that merges realism and the virtual life together. It's a game newly developed by the people at evolution studios, who've been given a task to create one of the finest racing games. Exclusively deliver to the PlayStation 4. How ever, as far from selling millions of copies in the first day. The Online functions of Driveclub were taken down temporary. As servers have been flooded with millions of gamers, trying to get the slice of the online action. The PlayStation Plus version of DRIVECLUB, that offers 10 cars and 10 tracks. Was taken off the PSN store before notice. This led to serious problems, for paying PSN+ gamers. Who could of download the game first day it was out. But since the shaky and horrible launch of the online action. Many gamers have even returned their copy next day. As the whole hype and focus, was primary aimed at having your own club, challenging and competing for awards online. Which if online action doesn't work, the single player campaign of DRIVECLUB. That could be easily beaten within 8 hours. Should keep you busy. However until then, online play is slowly being resumed as the team from EVOLUTION STUDIO have been working their nuts of to get the game. Steady and nicely working for millions of gamers to enjoy. No word has been spoken about the PSN+ edition although.

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