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Saturday 27 October 2012

Apple Conference 23rd October

Well it seems like Apple are going all in with their new products on the 23rd of October. This featured the new iPad mini that was leaked and had similar specifications written by my brain which is now officially changed .The 4th generation iPad which isn't a big wow by me. The latest iMac which is just stunning from the images and video footage Apple has shown us, smaller version of the Mac book pro which is now 13”.Mac Mini was also announced which isn't a big deal either. Let’s get started with how I feel about the 5 new lines up of Apple products separated below.
iPad Mini
Hmm we all saw the leaked images of the iPad mini that was posted by me on this website,which didn’t seem like a big shock. But Apple has now officially talked about the iPad mini of how small and powerful it is like 7.2mm thin and light design with only 308g of weight. An lovely 7.9” retina display that will fit in one hand making user experience less uncomfortable but also making things easy to operate. The powerful A5 chip is featured in the new iPad mini which didn't please me since it's rather old .Still the iPad mini provides a 10 hour battery life for the user which is more than a Nexus 7 that has 8hrs battery life which Apple compared in the conference with many other things. Pricing was always an issue for Apple products which they have a status of providing less powerful hardware then most companies but labelling the product a high end gadget that is very costly. The iPad mini starts from 2 versions Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + cellular, Wi-Fi model starts from 16GB for £269 and rapidly increases to 64GB that costs you £429,which is a bit hefty for the price but also the gigs do cost money in the end. Wi-Fi + cellular version of the iPad mini will start from 16GB for £369,which is £100 more than a normal 16GB iPad Mini . Carriers supplying the 3G versions in the UK are O2,Vodafone,Orange and 3G to supply you the cellular experience. The iPad Mini also climbs to a 64GB WI-Fi + cellular version which is £529. Black/Slate and White/Sliver are the 2 options of choosing colour for the iPad mini. Although some people say this is a very stupid idea of launching a smaller version of an iPad I think Apple are targeting an audience who want a smaller version of the iPad and make it easy to carry around. Honestly I don’t think I will be getting a iPad soon since it doesn't fit in my life style but it’s a great add on for apple to compete the small tablet market.

iPad 4th Generation
The new iPad which wasn't appealing and didn't impress anyone in my opinion since it was kind of a useless thing Apple have now launched,that features Apple's new A6X processor that is 2x faster than a A6 processor used in an iPhone 5.Face time HD is now here with upgraded font and back camera,changes to the lighting port also been made. There isn't much to say about the iPad but Apple has launched this to give Microsoft a big middle finger due to their surface tablet which launched on Friday the 26th of October. I personally think there isn't much you can write about the 4th generation iPad but prices for Wi-Fi start from 16GB £399 and climbs to 64GB for £559,Wifi + Cellular starts from 16GB £499 and goes to 64GB for a big price of £659. This was the poorest announcement Apple has ever done during the conference.

Apple has also upgraded their iMac which is one of the best things I have ever saw since that sleek and slim design caught my eye during the conference. The new iMac is up to 40% less volume and 7mm thin which just looks stunning in every angle. Intel Ivy Bridge is now added with on board Intel 4000HD graphics to supply. More energy efficient than any previous Mac before which is now 50% less and a light weight aluminium construction of body. This also comes with Mac OSX mountain lion pre installed. Prices start from 21.5” that starts around £1.099 which is a excellent pricing from Apple and 27” version will cost you starting around £1,500.In my opinion this is very good pricing and upgrade from Apple, however this doesn't make me switch from a PC but does show that Apple are very confident with their Macs and software.

13” Macbook Pro
A smaller version of the current Mac book pro is now available in a small form factor of 13 inches which is great. Similar specifications in a normal Macbook pro would be found on this. Meaning you still can customize your Macbook pro to the personal configuration tightly as you want. The 13” Macbook pro is of course thinner 1.9cm thin and 1.62kg weight to be precise. But as always this power junky 13” Macbook pro includes modern ports like USB 3.0, Thunder port, HDMI and many more. Intel 3rd gen processors called Ivy Bridge is available of course with on board graphics which is shocking to find since the Nivdia 650M is way to thick to install . Limited option of 8GB DDR3 memory makes the 13" Macbook harder to configure. Mac OS X Mountain Lion comes pre install and I think that’s about it for the 13" Macbook Pro,which isn’t a big wow either. But I suppose if you want a smaller Macbook pro Costing Around £1,000 this might be the one for you.

Mac  Mini
Last of all the Mac Mini which now contains a Intel  Ivy Bridge , Thunder bolt and USB 3.0.This also isn't a big upgrade either which is true since they can’t do much really with a Mac other then upgrade the hardware or change the looks which they haven’t. Prices start from £499 and customizable options are available but tightly packed. Not that much to say with the Mac mini that didn't catch my eye so ill think I leave it here.Prices also start from £500.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed a long article I wrote about the Apple Conference that went on the 23rd of October. If there’s any grammar or punctuation error in this post please highlight and send or comment below. I also made a video about this so check it out here!

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