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Sunday 7 October 2012

Razer Gaming Gear ?

Razer is a gaming company which is specialized providing the best gaming gear. I wanted to make a article about Razer because I have been using there gear for about 3 years, which is allot even if its gaming gear that cost over £70.Going through allot of rubbish mouse’s before Razer were annoying as heck since they didn't provide the full gaming potential which require amazing aim and comfort. The story of how I got my first Razer product was referred by my cousin, who used a Diamond Back 1G that caught my eye immediately when I visited his house a few times. Not knowing anything about Razer I did a few checks on Amazon in 2009 and picked myself up a Razer Salmosa which is a great finger tip design mouse, which I still have in my setup and is currently, being used like a mad man. Also I bought a Razer Goliathus mouse mat alongside the purchase if the mouse, which is one of the best cloth mouse mats Razer provide. After 1 year I decided to pick up a gaming keyboard from Razer called the Razer Lycosa which was the best option I have ever done in my life. The looks of the keyboard the rubber keys, lovely blue led’s and the touch sensitive control panel was just too good for my wallet. Having a set of Razer gear wasn't enough as I looked into getting a better mouse mat after 2 years, called the Razer Vespula that has 2 sides one control and the other speed making decisions such as aiming more precise of your liking easier. So that's how I got into buying the best gaming gear money can buy, although the price is high the quality is amazing so as the looks packaging and software to customise your led’s. Razer was an unknown company with a few people now it’s a huge company providing many things like mouse bungees t-shirts gaming laptops which are award winning and super slim and sleek. Its great buying a expensive product but having it last more than 2 years + is just amazing and I would like to give a huge thanks to Razer for helping me pwn noobs on PC. From small to big as they have taken the long road, but made the best gaming gear and also designs which make your jaw drop. I highly recommend buying Razer product's to see how good it is and how well they perform, even they are abet to expensive its worth every penny.

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