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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Microsoft And EA Cancel Ad Revenue?

So many of you may not have heard that Microsoft has agreed to cancel ad revenues on games recently such as Halo 4, Forza titles and many more to list. What this basically means is if you post any video containing gameplay from the particular games cancelled with ad revenue, advertisements on YouTube or any other website will simply be blocked or banned. You could also be charged or even go to court. But as always you could ask for permission which is a great thing to do, meaning contacting them and asking permission for video and audio will grant you access to use the gameplay.This for me isn't a big deal for me frankly, cause I do not own any Microsoft games or even a Xbox 360.So the game plays I possible upload from EA will be a pain in my bum, but never the less asking them for permission over the phone will be a issue for me and many others, even I don't earn any sort of money from YouTube. However this rule will also cause HUGE HUGE HUGE problem's for people making YouTube videos or even living there life making content, sharing their gameplay they enjoy and love which will not be allowed for this money stopping tactic. This is a big issue gamers, YouTubers, MLG players also commentators who live stream on Twitch TV or even on their own website. One reason to ask is why? What’s the point of this entire well, maybe Microsoft and EA soon to join May others want to gain money directly from the game purchase itself, that gives them more and more money since we can’t earn it ourselves. This frankly is the worse decision I have ever seen from 2 company s in the gaming side. Although these companies own copy rights and all sorts of business related forms, it makes us gamers and You Tubers feel completely dead who want to make walk-through's and montages. But in my case I have never supported Microsoft consoles or even products due to reasons like this or even different matters to whore themselves more and more money. The change might happen who knows if this rule gets cancelled or others will join?

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