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Thursday 11 October 2012

Time To Get A PS VITA?

Is it time to get a Play station Vita? Well I will be explaining my point of view and how I see the PS VITA perform in my daily life. Sony launched the PS VITA on February 22nd 2012 in Europe and America, Japan had an early advantage since they were able to get the hand held  in 2011 late December. The PS VITA didn't have a substantial record breaking sale like its competitor the Nintendo 3DS, which sold 19 million units worldwide as the PS VITA only sold 2.2 million units as of June 2012. The figures may show a huge image of how the PS VITA will be, but it doesn't show the full opening of the PS VITA which it completely annihilates the Nintendo 3DS in performance graphics and looks. Although the looks, in my opinion look way better then the Nintendo 3DS, which remarkable looks similar to the DS but shows some changes when looked close up in depth. The PS VITA may not have a wide variety of launch titles and games which I admit that was a big mistake from Sony to lure gamers from the PSP fan base to get a newer upgraded beast. However graphics in games such as Uncharted 3, Wipeout 2048, MGS HD and LBP look just god dam beautiful from the OLED screen that is highly responsive and shows amazing images. The OS has been changed from the PSP’s XMB menu, which is nearly 7 years old to a much more different and stylish Live Area interface. The Live area interface is amazing from how you multi-task and change applications from just scrolling down to one page to another. The PS VITA is an amazing hand held console to own if you’re lucky enough, but the game dictionary looks rather poor which it lacks sadly lacks in. More developers are soon to join the PS VITA army, to provide top notch games starting very early on as we saw from E3 and games-con conferences. How ever not getting enough games or spending everyday on my PS VITA I cannot give you a full reason to get one. It mainly suits for people who love to travel from place to place and need something to keep themselves occupied which the PS VITA does very nicely.

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