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Saturday 13 October 2012

iPad Mini?

There may be a possible chance that the new iPad will be a miniature version of the current iPad. Many rumours and speculations’ led up to leaked photos from factory’s case company selling cases to gadget reviewers and also a special date,which Apple will release the iPad mini on the 23rd of October. The size of the retina display on the iPad mini will be around 7” inch which many companies are focusing on for selling a 7inch tablet and under a £200 budget, such as the Nexus 7 from Google. The price will also kill Apple’s profit by any chance but could also cause a huge drama selling a 7” tablet for a higher price which most companies have not succeeded. Specifications I predict is an Apple A6 processor 8 mp camera back, front 2mp or even higher and also a 2100MaH battery for a long user experience  Some of these specifications I predict may be the official specs who knows but it’s 100% up to Apple making the iPad mini with lower specs for a smaller price, or even top end specs with a higher price. Both could be very crucial since the market for a 7”inch tablet is very demanding and nearly every company from Amazon, Google, Samsung,Acer and soon to join Apple are making more tablets for consumers who currently want smaller and light tablets. Who knows if it might have different specification or even a design, follow for latest news and announcements? 

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