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Saturday 6 October 2012

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012

Well well well where do we start? The first NFS MW was made by the one and only EA who made the best driving games such as NFS:Underground NFS:Most Wanted and NFS:Carbon three of the best driving games on the PS2. The Need for speed series has went down as one of the best to one of the worst at making driving games after NFS: Carbon the story mode of NFS titles were completely gone modifying in NFS still remained up to Undercover Shift and Shift 2 Unleashed which had options to modify your cars.EA changed the whole mood of the game instead of modifying your car as we saw in previous Need For Speed titles its now buy the cars and change the perks or ability's of the cars you drive. However EA is trying to get the lost fans roaming around back to playing there games. Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 was announced at EA's E3 2012 conference making people shocked and say WAIT WHAT! How the famous Most Wanted name is is being used again? Well Criterion the game developer's who helped out EA with NFS:Hot pursuit are back trying to get a piece of the NFS series with Most Wanted 2012.Criterion are well known for their amazing series called Burnout which behalf me and many others enjoyed smashing down rivals and drifting like a mad man around corners. Criterion are back to reboot the NFS series alive with their amazing crash physics and many other features possibly. Although one of the best game engines called Frost Bite 2 is still being used very well in this game which could possibly make it one hella of a driving game to ever come back. Customizing your car looks is still not available which many people are getting furiously angry about like me but it sets a image of the NFS series from customizing your car to getting a super car with the looks power and performance.EA have released a whole lot of trailers and information about the game which is going to be launched on October the 30th as we found out at E3.So what do you think Auto-log Frost Bite 2 Criterion's amazing crash system and a whole bunch of amazing cars to drive at the start of the game?

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