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Friday 5 October 2012

Phone Cases?

So what are the best cases available for phones like, iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 and Xperia etc? Cases and cases! All you want when you get your shiny sparkling phone at day one. Well there are many good reasons to have a case such as getting a case for my iPhone 3GS which was one of the best options for my butter fingers. Although cases may kill the look of your naked phone, having an extra layer skin or shell of protection is always good since the cases take the damage rather than your phone. There are many types of company's who make high quality and different design of cases such as Switch-easy Incase and Case-mate with many more to follow. These are some of the best companies at making perfect cases I have listed for your phone if you plan on getting one. Since many people might buy an iPhone 5 on launch or even any other phone you may want to have a case for your own benefit instead getting an ass whooping from your parents due to breaking your phone or even scratching the exterior. So here are some of the best cases companies in my opinion which includes design weight and protection.
iPhone 5 Cases

*Note many of these companies do make cases for other phones so check them out*

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