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Tuesday 2 October 2012

The Sony Xperia T

The new Sony Xperia T has shown many Samsung and iPhone owners a trail of light to choose their next phone after a period of time. An amazing sleek and elegant design with a lovely 4.6" 1280 x 720p HD Reality display, which sends out a obvious image that this is not a normal phone to ignore. Specifications have been improved a slight from the previous powerful Xperia S, especially the big and eye catching screen and a 13 mega pixel autofocus camera, making phone companies to bite their fingers and worry. Other than that most of the tiny changes like weight and touch share photo experience, the Xperia T isn't a big jump if you own an Xperia S in my opinion but I would definitely say this is of the best looking phones I have ever seen with power looks and features. My mind has been saying "CANCEL YOUR IPHONE 5 ORDER GOD DAMMIT" from the looks of it but as always I kind of hate to find that the Xperia T should have had Android Jelly bean running on this phone from launch instead of Ice Cream Sandwich. Conclusion to the talk this has to be one of my favourite Android smart phones, which I have ever seen even though I am not a big fan of Android in general, this has to be one of my next phones to get later on or even a better Xperia as time tick tocks.

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