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Sunday 30 September 2012

iPhone 5 Shipping Delay

Although the new brand spanking iPhone has been out on the 21st of September selling a huge number of 5 million units iPhones in 3 days.How ever it seems like Apple are having a different kind of issue from launch like previous problems that are stamped into history of the iPhone 4 antenna's which sparked a huge job from Apple to give all iPhone 4 users a free bumper case. Apple are now suffering a shipping time for the iPhone 5 "3-4 weeks estimated "meaning many people will have to face waiting patiently or even switching over to another device while Apple get some iPhone 5's in stock and shipped out quickly. The whole reason of why Apple is suffering is the high quality embedded touch sensors created by LG Display and Japan Display are producing very low productions of the touch sensors for the 4 inch retina display. Another company in the iPhone 5 making progress is Sharp which are currently making  displays for the iPhone 5 and are saying "We are making adequate volumes of screens for the iPhone 5" which may get some people hope's up for getting there iPhone 5 in their mail early. Who really knows if people are going to see a drop of shipping time or even consumers switching over to a Samsung Galaxy S3 which has become the iPhone 5's biggest rival after the lawsuit in August, where Apple have issued many patents like design slide to unlock and also hardware. So that sums the big delay in production of the iPhone 5!

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