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Saturday 29 September 2012

The McLaren P1

The new McLaren P1 Concept car is the 1997 McLaren F1 successor hence, the number 1 in the model which shows an iconic figure of one of the best cars all around. It was recently showed during the Paris Mondial de l"Auto mobile which caught many people’s eyes and easily became the star of the show. Reports show that this is one hell of the car with a power to weight ratio of 550BHP per tonne and a price tag of £800k with exotic materials like carbon fibre and light weight aluminium body panels saving allot of weight, meaning it will possibly match somewhat near the power of a Bugatti Veyron. The P1 uses 3.8 litre Twin Turbo V8 meanings it will possible have near about the same power as the McLaren MP4-12C engine. Limited production of the cars will be only 500 - meaning those lucky niblets who order this car will have the once in a life time experience to have this either locked up in a secret garage in Mars or just left outside their 5 million pound mansions and dungeons .but who knows if this will be either seen on the streets of earth? But I'll have to say this car goes in the books of all beauty god damn me just look at that thing seems like Leonardo Da Vinci drew that thing with his eyes shut!

Here is a quick video of the McLaren P1 at the Paris Mondial de l"Auto mobile from one of the best car spotters  on YouTube called  Shmee150! Thanks to him for permission to use his amazing video of the McLaren P1 and also one photo shown above.

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