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Saturday 29 September 2012

New Sony PS3 Super Slim

Sony has launched its new model of the PlayStation 3 called the slim no really it’s really slim I mean super slim. The super slim 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the original PS3 Slim. Meaning it still has the same power and features which seems like it’s a really good console to have if you are constantly on the go. New changes that have been made is new sliding mechanism for the CD disc cover, meaning it will take more time to insert the disc and start the game up rather than having a suck your disc mechanism on the slim and fat PS3. Touch sensitive buttons have came back now meaning no more stupid round circle buttons with less futuristic feel hooray!. The super slim also comes in 3 different hard drive forms, 12GB, 250GB and also a whooping 500GB version of the PS3! Meaning you will have more space then never before. Bundles from launch are as following GT5 & UC3 with a 500GB console, Fifa 13 and a 500GB console with an extra dual shock controller.
Launch date's are as following
12GB - October 12th 2012 Charcoal Black
250GB - September 25th & October 4th 2012 Charcoal Black & Exclusive White for Japan only
500GB - September 28th and October 4th 30th  Charcoal Black & Exclusive White for Japan only

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