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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Belkin Shield Sheer Matte Case for iPhone 5

So I recently ordered a Belkin case from Amazon costing £12 which is pretty reasonable price for a case. So inside you get is just the case itself which is pretty obvious for the price you pay. The case came in 1 day which is amazing,providing me protection soon as possible. The packaging is on the case is great providing protection through shipping and also giving the consumer a preview. Although this case is a clear matte finish it still provides a bit of the iPhone 5 back to look at even it’s nearly covered. Installing this case was very easy making the user have no effort putting in. Cut outs on the case where spot on and precise, also the buttons were very easy to press. This case was very good out of the box and into my hands which felt extremely good and high quality. I give this case a 5/5 since it’s a great case for the money its worth.
Note images taken from my iPhone 5 so excuse me for the bad quality.

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