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Thursday 1 November 2012

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2?

Every year a new Call of Duty game comes out in November. This time it’s Black Ops 2 which looks better than previous games Activision has made such as, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 which killed a part of Call of Duty inside of me. Call Of Duty for me was going horribly going wrong when making videos and having fun didn’t exists anymore due to that fun factor which has magically gone straight out of my mind. It wasn’t  long time since I said enough is enough when Modern Warfare 3 came out, making a couple videos about it like montage, campaign walkthrough and game play commentaries which I loved to do on Modern Warefare, which is my favourite Call of Duty due to that simple engine and system. However am coming back to the series once again trying to make a couple of videos and having fun until school gets serious. Black Ops 2 does make me say “WOW” because it looks something new and something better we FPS shooters want to see for once. The hype for every Call of Duty game is madder and madder but this time it doesn't seem that big like it use to be. Could the hype make the game worse or that audience of Call of Duty players make it bad? This doesn't feel right for me but deep inside watching those trailers it does make me say I want this game, not because of the name, but how history has went and how it’s changed. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will be out in November 13th worldwide making record breaking sales as always, let’s hope this will game will be good and please me for once.I think this game is going to be great since there's less hype around it and something which I love about Black Ops is zombies which is back again. Enjoy some screen shots and game play trailers.

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