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Sunday 21 October 2012

Need For Speed : Most Wanted PS VITA Detials

EA has recently announced further information for Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the PSVITA. By the looks of it, the game is the full PS3 copy imported onto the PSVITA which shows the power and performance that little hand held can provide. EA also said 98% of the games racing events cars and other interesting things will be available including the other 2% with extra exclusive content. Game plays and screenshot’s also been leaked if you would like to say, showing a variety of game play including crashes cars and races. The game play has no lag what so ever even its going to be running around 30FPS which it still looks smooth and the graphics look immense. However Sony has done a really really great job making the games on the PS3 run on the VITA very smoothly as EA has demonstrated, many people will soon rush out and buy a PSVITA so that better games and content will be more available if the demands are high up. I will defiantly purchase a copy of Most Wanted for my VITA since 98% will be the same content on the PS3 making my experience on the go quick to access much better.
Source For Official EA Information

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