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Wednesday 7 November 2012

New Design For Coming Soon

I am happy to announce that will be getting a redesign sooner or later. This will be done most likely in Christmas since I don’t have time that much afterwards. The design of this website will be something modern and very appealing to my visitors. After a long time getting this website or blog done, I have found out its very simple. In some cases that’s great for me but to ramp up the looks and features I will be getting a template for Although it’s very hard for me to create a template which I have no experience on what so ever, I will be choosing one from the web that lists many great blogger templates. So I really hope you guys get this post and be happy with this new decision since it can help me a lot for ad placements, links and widgets. So stay tuned and hopefully this website which is doing very well can improve much more. Have a nice day and keep your eye out for more posts.

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