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Friday 9 November 2012

The Mercedes SLS 2013 Black Edition

Mercedes AMG Black Series, all I have to say. The black editions of Mercedes cars are the most beastly upgraded and angriest editions of the standard car anyone has ever seen. Now from the dark forces, Mercedes has given us the 2013 SLS AMG Black edition which is one angry looking bird with black accents, new coolers and a 6.3 litre V8 producing a mind blowing of figure 635HP. Although the SLS Black series may seem overdone with black bits of carbon fibre and useful aero kits, it’s done correctly which most tuners overdo so easily. When it comes to showing off how the car looks. Gear shifts are much faster than a standard SLS, also 0-60 takes only 3.6 seconds, putting its place in the 3 second club. The car also weighs 70kg less which may not seem a lot, but that carbon fibre surely has done its job. Top speed is 195mphs due to the aero package added on and that 635HP output of power. The looks are just stunning from the 20inch forged alloys, standard ceramic brakes and optional carbon fibre packages to create more down force. I am very happy how this looks sleek and modern where many takes on this car spoil the looks and class of Mercedes.
The interior of the car looks amazing including exotic materials like carbon fibre and alcantra from the material of the seats, steering wheel and parts of the dashboard. Carbon fibre is literally everywhere since the whole center console is made out of carbon fibre which I love, since it looks so nice and clean, also saving weight. Seats of the SLS Black edition are entirely carbon fibre which I shall think it’s not going to be a driver’s car for a long journey trip. Well I think that’s about it, oops not to forget that hefty price tag of £350,000 which is still ranked as an expensive car

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