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Monday 12 November 2012

Lamborghini Announces The Aventador Roadster

Lamborghini has now officially made an announcement of the Aventador Roadster which was seen many times, with black covered panels and what it seemed a detachable roof. Now it has all came together when Lamborghini released images of the Aventador Roadster that has a similar style of the engine cover the Murcielago roadster had. The looks are still stunning with the stance of the Aventador a true bull with 700HP to unleash, top speeds of 200+ mph and 0-60  taking a staggering 3 seconds, which although it’s a tiny bit slower than a normal Aventador this still is super fast. However the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is not a ordinary roadster that has its roof taken away and huge face-lifting improvements have been made, but the looks still remain the same which is great since the Aventador is one of my favourite cars around that share a lovely sound, look and performance. This car has to go down as the best roadsters Lamborghini has made, oh and not to forget that detachable roof is entirely out of 2 carbon fibre components which weigh in around 12kg. Now that my friend is impressive since it would only take at least 2 or 4 hands to get the top open, the hot summers day throwing wind at your face and a huge grin on your face. OH! and not to forget that sexy new wheels Lamborghini will feature on the Aventador Roadster. But I’ll have to say bravo to Lamborghini since am hugely impressed by this announcement and can’t wait to see this car around YouTube and on the roads (if I lived in a rich area).

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