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Monday 19 November 2012

Sorry For Not Posting Articles That Much

So as most of you guys know I haven’t had time for my website lately. This is due to my YouTube channel that is working really hard on making the best videos for Black Ops 2, which is a blast of fun and entertainment. School has also got a lot serious for me since exams have shined on my path which I really need to do great on and improve my grades. So am very sorry about not posting that many articles that you guys would like to see since am only a one man army and life is getting harder everyday with new tasks coming in my way. In the mean time you can check out my previous articles and also my YouTube channel which am posting a video once a week or maybe twice a week depending on if am free or not. So as always hope you have a nice day take care and peace out while I get some practice exams out of my way, which is 4 days long.

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