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Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Tritons AX720+

The Trittons AX720+ by Madcatz, Is the newest versions of the original Trittons AX720s, which lasted for 5 months. Unluckily bad luck has hit me with two cracks both sides of the headsets headband which was slowly breaking itself apart. Something had to be done, a return to be precise so I quickly returned the headset for a replacement and picked up a pair of the AX720+. Which is a newer and much fancier version of the AX720 Trittons have released. The box seems different, so as the headset which has taken a massive step of design, which I rather find tiny percent ugly. Although the design has taken a big hit, the decoder box and accessorises you normally get is still the same, except that new headset microphone which seems to be better. This however was not a big upgrade for me since it’s very a familiar sound experience although the major concern is the headset is a very tight, for the first time which will take time to sink in. In all honesty I would have got the Astros A40s which is the number 1 gaming headset out there, if I got a refund. However this is still a great headset I currently own and I could not see a slight problem with it. So that’s about it for first impressions and views on the headset itself. So let’s see how it acts in my every day usage after a month or two. Enjoy some great images taken from my iPhone 5.

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