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Monday 3 December 2012

The New iTunes 11

So the new iTunes has been realized called iTunes 11 of course and it looks bloody amazing. From the previous year’s iTunes has been the same old bored look, now it has got huge improvements of navigating around which is much harder than before, but I’ll have to say it will take time to sink in. However the most key thing of the iTunes 11 is the visual improvements, that are staggering and insanely good compared too many others music players. The looks have now been updated to a much squarer look with the futuristic appeal. This is great since you actually spend time looking at the albums covers which lay a trace of colour behind weirdly. However the new music player is difficult at first when using, but it will be stuck in the back of your head sooner or enough. The colour scheme still remains the classic grey which doesn’t look boring or horrible at all, well it looks much better than any colour I presume. In short terms the new iTunes is just great and the change made is massive, which I hugely want for a long long time. So check out iTunes 11 and see if you like it yourself, I guarantee you will.

Check it out :

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