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Wednesday 12 December 2012

The New YouTube Layout

Have you seen the new YouTube layout? How badly things are like the un centered page, the home page subscription and the videos not appearing in your sub box. Well, here is my take on how I think the new YouTube layout is okay but far away from the best. So YouTube a few while ago also had a major change of the layout of the channel pages and the whole site, which many like me didn't like but simply hated the instant change. Which I was fond with navigating around easily and it was pretty simple website to use, but the changes have been done again and it’s been mind blowing how there is still many small problems lurking around and how mind boggling its been a expert You Tuber to use. The homepage which doesn't show the subscription uploads of the specific user. That was a problem from 2-3 years ago that still exists. White patch of nothing is now a new problem how the layout is not centered properly for the user. Meaning navigating around YouTube will always show a patch of white background that has no use what so ever on the right hand side. Visual tweaks also have been made significantly like the rating system which is now green for like and white for dislike, showing less hate on videos which are great and simply better.

How ever many things still remain the same and tweaked like the annotations, editing a video description, hidden tags, channel pages and the rating system. However these are the key of YouTube’s success and the whole website which is good to see its still there. Although my channel that has 171 subscribers which has dropped a lot from YouTube’s clear out system that they done a while back, which is clearing inactive accounts from a very long time ago. Subscribers have been drop dead frozen and I really find then need to gain more and simple have people watch my videos. This hardly exits for me now days due to my video schedules and also the amount of time I have being used on education and more. So if you are reading this article about my opinion on the YouTube layout free feel to subscribe at where I post a variety of interesting videos.

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