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Friday 14 December 2012

Google Maps For IOS Finally Out To Download

Have you seen the failure of Apple maps? No need to worry Google is here to save you and the consumers by making an app for the IOS specifically, which is bloody darn good from what I’ve seen and used. I mean I don’t travel that much but I love the fact, how I can see the world around me endlessly with Google maps. The app itself is free along side with many apps Google provide for free like Gmail, Google Translate and many more. Which is a +1 from me since the amount of GPS apps out there cost a hefty amount of money, with that slap of subscription required. However this isn't your regular navigation app. This is a app where you can hear the crisp and clear voice, with turn by turn navigation which works almost too good. The basics are always there like satellite view, street view and also traffic view, which shows the amount of congested traffic in a specific area by a red line. The app itself runs perfectly fine on my iPhone 5 that uses the retina display perfectly for the clear images and variety of views Google offer.
Although this is a app instead a integrated feature in IO6, it seems like Google will be less likely to partner up with Apple due to that broken relationship when Apple got the balls to make their own version of Google Maps, Apple Maps. Which am happy about since I can use my iPhone 5 when travelling around the world for a much better and accurate result *cough* Apple Maps *cough*. So anyways thank you for reading about this app, hope to make more and enjoy some images I screen shot from my iPhone 5 using Google Maps.

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