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Monday 24 June 2013

Sony E3 2013 Review

Sony’s E3 2013 was one of the best E3s to this date from the amount of support gained after the press conference due to consumer winning choices Sony took precisely. Their E3 2013 started as like a bomb showing a montage of some of the best PlayStation games and upcoming titles in the generation. Which got every gamer warmed up since you know a big announcement will be made at E3 2013 unveiling the PS4, that everyone is waiting for. So before that Jack Tretton the president and CEO of Sony announced they will be bringing more immersive and great titles to the PSVITA like, Batman Arkham: Orgins, Counterspy, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki Universe, Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway. With Sony adding some HD remakes like the God of War Collection, Final Fantasy X-1 & X-2, Flower and Dead Nation to the PS VITA pile. This should make every VITA owner excited to see the game collection expanding throughout the years as more publishers will make use of the powerful handheld device for support. Oh, not to forget The Walking Dead will be on the VITA with its 400 days Episode coming sooner or later. That also can be sold in a special PS VITA bundle. Sony then moved onto the PS3 as its currently expanding ever since launch brining more amazing exclusive game titles as The Last of Us a critic smashing game fly’s onto the stage with its E3 2013 trailer. Games then flew passed for a smaller younger generation of audience I tend to skip by like Puppetier. However one game that did quite make a touch to the heart is Rain, which looks amazing.  Beyond Two Souls followed quickly as it’s a game that fits my age genre with its outstanding trailer the crowd were eager to watch.

Gran Turismo 6 was then showed with its game play trailer showing amazing car models, track details and a new physics engine to take gaming into a whole another level. Tire models, Suspension models, new aerodynamic models, adaptive tessellation was then shown. That got me really liking the game already since I know this game will be great. Jack Tretton then hopped back onto the stage to talk about more of the publisher in exclusive deals with Sony as Batman: Arkham Origins trailer was shown as its coming out on the 25/10/2013 worldwide. Gran Theft Auto 5 was then talked about with its exclusive PS3 bundle of the game and headset with content arriving on the Sony platform when it’s launched. After some speeches about the wide variety of game titles on PlayStation. The PS4 was then slowly talked about with Andrew House. As he talks about the PS4 then announcing of how the console looked with its Eraser shaped look with an amazing cut to the console to give it a sleek look. As it consists of a small glowing light bar I bet many people would like since it’s awesome (also on the controller). The look already makes me drool over the console since its quality and design as expected with Sony from their products. In the meantime talks about the Sony Entertainment Network of movies begin. Where I skipped since its *whispers* boring with TV services and stuff.
PS4 games then were presented by Shu Yoshida like The Order 1886, Killzone Shadow Fall, and Drive Club, Infamous Second Son and The Dark Sorcerer.  Indie games were than shown like Transistor, Kings, Octodad, Secret Poncious, Rays Dead, Outlast, New in Tasty and Galakz a 17 bit game. Dam that’s a lot of games like I wished for, anyway Diablo 3 was than announced with exclusive items from blizzard. Final Fantsay versus XIII and Final Fantsay XV were shown from Square Enix with Kingdom Of Hearts 3 coming to the PS4. Ubisoft then came to the stage with some Assassins Creed Black flag game play. Watch Dogs with an amazing gamely showing driving, shooting, puzzles and hacking. 2 titles later Mad Max was shown from a pretty hardcore death of a person needing for help (from a bad guy)
Then Sony really pushed things high up the sky with its best moment of E3. The announcement of no restrictions on used games at all. Where the crowed cheer from the stop of used games restriction plans, consumers hate to stand by. By allowing them to trader a game, sell it, lend it to a friend or keep it forever. Where it got really hot head for Microsoft when they also announced no 24/7 online required connection for the PS4 also won’t stop working if not checked in every 24 hours. This pretty much owned Microsoft and clearly showed who the best company out there for consumer satisfaction is. Playstation Plus news was then called out with the service being set for the PS4 if you’re already paying for PS+. This is a service costing less than $5 a month with discounted games, cloud saves, automatic game updates, early beta programmes and instant game collection. One other thing is the immersive multiplayer online on the PS4 which require payment. But from the things above it seems worth it 100% since the satisfaction rate for the service is 95% with the rate increased to 144%. Some whooping figures their shown by Sony.  However another great reason to also have PS+ is Drive Club PS plus edition coming for free in only for Play station with the service also providing many great titles every month. The world premier of Destiny from the creators of Activision and Bungie was shown later with a great co-op game play, followed by a raid of gamers joining in the lobby taking down a robotic monster. The last bullet remaining of Sony was the big factor. How much does the PS4 cost? Well am glad to say the PS4 was executed at the best price possible. The PS4 will cost *drum roll* $399 US Dollars, 399 Euros and £350 GBP. This will come out launch 2013 holiday season around November. For $100 dollars cheaper than an Xbox One, Ouch!
Well, I think my hands are about to fall off since I typed too much. But the verdict was like any other great. Sony provided a full library of GAMES for a GAMING console. That got people like me very happy since it’s just what I want for a console that will probably dominate for many years to come. I found this amazing as usual from the previous E3 and this year. Due to what Sony had to offer many gamers worrying over privacy and copy right issues. To end with a big axe and blow to Microsoft. Convincing people to stay like me and others to switch over due to stupid reasons. I give Sony’s E3 2013 10/10.

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