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Sunday 23 June 2013

Microsoft E3 2013 Review

Well many of you are still wondering from the title. Why the hell did it take so long for you to make a post about Microsoft’s E3 2013? The reason is sinking into holidays slowly drags you away from being productive. This has slightly happened to me aside from posting some videos on my YouTube channel, since it’s easy for me to do. However one thing still won’t stop me is time, since I have plenty in my holiday to dispose. So let’s go start on my opinion of how I thought of Microsoft’s E3 2013 after quite an unusual event for their new console the Xbox One.  Microsoft came out on E3 2013 to lure gamers in for buying their new console, with games, entertainment and major changes in the line-up.  Which Microsoft came out with a bang as their new exclusive content partnership with Kojima came out with MGSV: Phantom Pain game play. Showing unreal graphics on the Xbox One to showcase what the system is capable of. Dispute under gun memory of the GGRD3 ram in the console wars. Then after a small talk with Don Mattrick, Microsoft came out hard announcing 2 free games with Xbox Live each month and a special new console. Called the Xbox 360 E. This is a modern and cleaner look for the current 360 console. That has the same hardware and use like any other Xbox 360.

Games started to roll in with the F2P title world of tanks for the Xbox 360. Dark Souls 2, Ryse the Son of Rome which I found pretty impressive and cool due to the game engine and surroundings of the game. Killer Instinct was shown with the crowd cheering on loudly due to the old school game coming back. Sunset Overdrive from insomniac known for PlayStation exclusives came out with a cartoon zombie game that looks quite good for co-op and online. Then from Turn 10 studios Forza 5 came out with a bang showcasing the new supercar from McLaren the P1 on stage. Which got every car enthusiasts drooling, especially me since it’s just an amazing car. Anyway back to the point of Forza 5, Turn 10 showed their new game engine running on the Xbox One with a fast paced live game play. Afterwards a kind of dull and boring approach came from Microsoft showcasing the highly bought and known game Minecraft Xbox One Edition. Quantum Break the trailer we saw from Microsoft’s own press conference for the Xbox One. Showed their new trailer of using real time and slow motion video of a woman I believe escaping death, with a bit of a hand. Project Spark another new indie game I presume came out with its own big world with 3D objects to place for an own adventure to experience using a hand of the Windows Surface RT tablet. Dead Rising 3 then was suddenly shown with its amazing game play of escaping a city of zombies, which seems impossible. But it’s a game and anything is possible. The Witcher 3 was presented along side, Battlefield 4 one of the biggest games to arrive on next gen platforms with its amazing single player and multiplayer game play shown. But…out of a person walking slowly in the desert surprised from a huge robot blows away the cover showing Master chief from Halo that is coming for the Xbox One.
Coming to the end of E3 2013 Microsoft, Titan fall was announced as it’s the most likely one of the best exclusives for the Xbox One to get. Then closing up Microsoft announced the price of the Xbox One with US price of $500, UK price of £430 and EU price of a whooping 500 Euros. Which no one I the public applauded since was too much for them to realise the maybe the PS4 might be lower. In the end to conclude Microsoft’s E3 2013 I didn’t find it that great since the game wasn’t appealing for me. Since many reasons like the price of the console, policy which was forced to change and the lack of presentation skills to brighten the audience and consumers. In overall I give Microsoft’s E3 5/10.

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