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Wednesday 24 July 2013

SeeJacketClip Case Review

Another case another day, so this is where the Seejacket Clip case for the iPhone 5 lands. This case is one of the thinnest case out there i have ever seen. Since its only a wooping 0.5mm thick, meaning its similar to having a thick body guard around your phone. I mean its soon thin it doesn't even feel like a case is on there. The case itself is a snap on for the iPhone 5 meaning its just a simple process from the button side first to clipping the case in nicely. The packaging is very simple and unique with hardly any plastic being used to slice your fingers into a sausage ready to be cut. However it says there is a Translucent back cover but i'd say its only around 90% opacity since it kind of struggles to see the full back of the phone easily. But this iPhone 5 case does what is says on the box meaning little protection for a good price, great quality when obtaining that sleekness of the iPhone 5. It may looks flimsy as it instantly came into my mind since its so thin, but i suppose if you want this case to be used. Please don't bend this case since its only 0.5mm thick and its plastic. Furthermore the cut outs of this case were spot on leaving the buttons on the volume and silent switch perfect with no hesitation what so ever. The button and top are left open. But the rest is covered with a nice plastic thin band.. Overall this case is perfect for what is gives so its a good 4.5/5. Also major major thanks to who sent this brilliant case out for review. Who offer difference ArtWizz iPhone 5 case for the iPhone 5. Which is completely amazing. So as a thanks please check out their website they have various amount of products they offer, from nearly every phone out there to games, consoles and hardware. Also apart from iPhone 5 accessories, MyTrendyPhone Uk offers repair services for your iPhone 5 incase its broken or damaged.
Packaging nice and simple.
Looks of the case in a translucent matte black finish.
Nice cut outs of the side volume and silent switch.
Mighty thanks to MyTendy
for sending this brilliant case out for me to review check them out!

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