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Monday 22 July 2013

The Nvidia Shield Officially Priced And Dated

It is now officially announced  the long awaited and looked at Nvidia shield, will be now available for $300. Releasing in US and Canada with shipping starting at end of July 2013. Meaning the date is really close there and the price seems ideal for this hardware. Well, ill probably not get one since I will possibly have to wait until the reviews and opinions come out. The Nvidia Shield will come with a silver tag, AC adapter, USB cable and 2 full games Sonic 4 Episode 2 and Expendable Rearmed. Other things should be noticed when buying this is only 600 series + GPUS will only work with this device. Meaning you will probably have to dish out another £50+ for a stable GPU to stream high quality games to the Shield. Also this comes out with accessories from day one launch like the carrying case for a hefty $40 and the custom tags. Which in the future can be in browser customized with personal liking's for $20, but now only a carbon fiber and glossy black tag version is available. So its pretty obvious the specifications of this device will possibly lead the company to a decrease in profit. Because of what amazing hardware this device contains.

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