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Tuesday 9 July 2013

The Beautiful PS4 Shown

There have been many videos regarding about how the PS4 may look from the back and front.  Well since the announcement of the PS3 at E3 2013. People were limited to see the full 360 view of the PS4 console at E3 2013, which was covered by a full square glass box.  Meaning people only had the option of seeing the console from the front view. However images from Sony showed the PS3 from a full back, front, top and other angles. Now Sony has apparently sent some game reviewers the console with controller to share the visual details of the console in depth and hands on. Which gadget website T3 has shown the gorgeous system out of the box.  Without the person drooling over, due to how epic it looks from all of the angles.  In detail of the PS4 it looks like Sony has figured out to make an amazing system with other major features of like the venting system, to blow air out since the PS4 has rather thirty components you might not want to tuck in. Also other features were shown like the ports from the back HDMI, optical, Lan connector, aux port and the power port. The fronts as usual were 2 HDMI SS ports. Also the controller was compared side by side with the Dual shock 3 controller. Making it smaller since the Dual Shock 4 is a tiny bigger and chunkier, making all the people who hated the PS3 controller come back with comfort now. From the video the PS4 is smaller than a PS3 slim, which in my opinion is completely astonishing since its pure brilliance of engineering to cramp everything to a smaller and sleek hardware. So there is more room to be left on your desk, stand or any where you wish to place the console.  So from this video you can see how the upcoming dominance of the PS4 shall arrive with style and comfort for you, to enjoy many hours playing this console. 

Credits To T3

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