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Sunday 16 February 2014

McLaren 650S Leaked?

There has been some minor revealing for then new McLaren car on Facebook a few weeks ago showcasing the number plate 650s. But now as of today the McLaren 650S images have been leaked onto the surface of the internet. Which shows the front portion of the car styled after the McLaren P1 and the rear and side on the McLaren MP4-12C HS edition. Meaning this will be a crossover between the P1 and 12C together on one car. That is absolutely amazing, but as the name suggests it will be a 650 horsepower car. Possibly sharing the RWD format of the P1 and MP4-12C. Making the car push out an immense power throughout the rear wheels seen on the P1 and 12C before. Not high res image please take note*
McLaren MP4-12C Rear and Side.
Similar McLaren P1 design on the front part of the car, with some minor tweaks.

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