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Tuesday 12 August 2014

Microsoft Launches Two Custom Xbox One Bundles At Gamescom 2014

Microsoft at Cologne Gamescom 2014 showcased various games and news at the highly anticipated conference for latest news and updates.However along side the announcement of various games. Microsoft decided to make two special edition version of the current profound Xbox One. Which now comes in a custom white/black color scheme if you purchase the Sunset Overdrive bundle for £429/$400 and 499 euros. That is available to pre-order now for October 28th. On the other hand if your not interested in Sunset Overdrive bundle or game. Maybe the latest Call Of Duty will help you decide, on picking up the Advanced Warfare console bundle. Which comes with a custom controller, console, 1TB HDD and Day 0 version of the game, for £429/$400, 499 Euros on the November 3rd. Overall in my opinion both of the Xbox One consoles bundles look great for both games.
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Console, Controller and Day Zero Game Bundle
Sunset Overdrive White Console, Controller and Game Bundle

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