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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Black Berry Z10 Smart Phone And BB10 OS

Black Berry (Rim) has recently announced its new software called BB10 OS, which is completely redesigned and contains many new features. On the other hand Black Berry also announced their new device called the Black Berry Z10. This is a smart phone featuring high end specs and the BB10 software built in. However the Z10 caught the show to demonstrate the OS. That has a 4.2” multi touch display with a resolution of 1280x768 at 356dpi. That isn’t bad at all for a smart phone depending on the screen. 2GB ram, 8MP back, 2MP front camera and a dual core 1.5 GHz CPU. Don’t forget it also contains the basic smart phones’ connectivity coming out with today. That is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, advanced sensors and more. Memory can be changed from a hot swappable Micro-SD slot up to 32GB that can keep cost down also the hassle of buying separate phones with different space. The looks of the Z10 certainly can catch anyone eyes since it includes a rubber back and a nice thin construction with a clean front look. It does look really nice and I would love try or even see this device in really life. 
Since am not a big person in making articles or sharing my website and hiring people, I will talk about the software from what I see and hear. The new Black Berry 10 software contains many new ways to use a phone since I contain widely a huge amount of gestures to move and navigate around the phone. The software does look similar to the IOS screen, but it includes a different design. Switching apps is really quick as by going to the left and going to the home screen you swipe up. Other gestures are also scattered around. By the looks of it, many other features in the previous BB OS will be included in BB10 and updated to the screen size. BBM also has been updated with a free video call on Wi-Fi that could compete with Face Time from Apple. Business people also have their support from Black Berry that could persuade most business people to buy this phone. The Phone itself is available from $200 in the US with a contract. No news for the UK market, but BB10 will be out on the 1st of February and 4th for other countries.
A review already out from The Verge.

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