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Tuesday 19 February 2013

The Nivdia GeForce GTX Titan

All hail the new fastest single GPU graphics card in the universe called the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan. The Titan is a new graphics card from Nvidia providing the maximum hardware in a graphics card to be ever seen and will perfom benchmarks even higher. The previous Nvidia 600 series graphics card with a top tier high end GPU called the Nvidia Geforce GTX 690, with 4GB GGDR5 memory and a maximum resolution of 4 displays at 2560x1600 together. Is now its brother of the new graphics card the Titan. Nvidia has once again outshined the old top end card by 3 times the GTX 690; yes 3 times a single 690 meaning a $1000  GPU x3 running in 3 way SLI is now a equivalent of one GTX Titan graphics card, which is completely staggering. The performance and hardware the Titan provides is just mind blowing with the specs of a massive 6GB GGDR5 memory, 2,688 CUDA cores and the power of 250 Watts. The Titan is definitely not the cheapest or bad looking card on the market with its £1,000 price tag. However this card is now the fastest single GPU card in the world so I wouldn't be afraid to spend at least every penny in making the best computer in the whole world if money grew on trees. Not to also mention the brilliant looks of the GTX Titan that shares the looks of the GTX 690. The Titan also packs a design in the card with its aluminium construction and vents to keep the heat flowing straight out. The card also has the GeForce green logo shining on the side of the card, which PC makers will always have a clear panel to see that beautiful card. More to come from Nivdia this year and will there be a 700 series line up of Nivdia GPUS, let watch and see.

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