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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Sony Press Conference FEB 20th 2013

Sony has previously announced a press conference regarding some possible line up of a new console perhaps, slimmer PSVITA maybe and also a line up of games. The press conference will run a minimum 2 hours at the unknown place, which will be some where in the world, I bet. However this could also mean a new checkpoint for Sony due to their awesome service and efforts carrying them to what they are now. There hasn't be any news what the event will be on specifically so we just have to tune in and keep our eyes peeled with anything latest being unveiled from Sony. The times are now listed below and I will soon make a article if i get time later on this week. Sorry for not posting alot of articles i am awfully busy with school work so and so.
 6PM EST (New York)
12PM (Europe) 
3AM (Moscow)
Where you could watch the livestream

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