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Thursday 21 February 2013

The Sony PlayStation Meeting 2013 Review

As you may have heard Sony has announced the PS4 at the Play station Meeting 2013 on the 20th February at New York. I was also watching the stream also embed onto my website which was up and running throughout the whole thing if anyone did notice or check. Well, now comes the part where I try to explain everything if not the important bits of the live conference in short and simple detail. So without further talk let’s begin. Sony obviously did make this conference something big and special and everyone knew it was going to be about a particular name the PS4.  This was floating around the internet for a good 2 or 1 year. Due to the fact of a new PlayStation console launching every 6 years by the Sony scheme. However Sony did demonstrate what their whole plan and vision of the next gen console. Which did catch my eye a lot since it was exactly what I needed for a pretty long time. The vision of the future was then quickly led to the PS4 logo where the event begin with a boom and the rest is future, the end just kidding.
The Hardware
The hardware was then talked about after the small intro but the scary looking guy. The informed system architecture was than listed as supercharged pc architecture, X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU, 8GB memory and a local storage HDD. Which in all honestly did make me happy to see an upgrade in specs terms of ram, layout, GPU and CPU. However this wasn’t the full specifications listed like a new PC build but I presume the full specs and looks of the console will be unveiled at E3 2013.
New Controller
The real time demo was soon to be seen as a new controller pops out of the wild. The Sony Dual shock 4. With a new layout and look that still share the buttons and d-pad of the Sony lifetime. However the looks were also different, for the first time as a touch screen interface was at the face of the controller, share and options button were also added. Meaning there is no start and select buttons no more sadly. The thumb sticks also have been changed into a flat and gripper look. The controller shell was also changed with its half rubber and half plastic look. That could also allow the user to have a good tight grip of the controller in the intense moments of gaming. The rear buttons of the controller were also changed with a new design that looks better than normal. A new distinguish feature also has been added like he light bar to indicate the player 1, 2 etc at the rear of the controller that looks amazingly cool. 2 connectors also are seen one at front and bottom, which are a USB A and a headphone jack connector to stop the awful cable mess and support of some short cables. A stereo camera on a bar is also an addition for the controller as it senses the motions etc.
The new interface and features
The game Knack was than previewed on the new Unreal Tournament 4 engine as it shows the GPU power of the PS4. Particles were therefore shown moving, exploding and the graphics of the GPU were just stunning. Things also like suspend and resume were talked about as it’s a quick way to turn off your PS4 and come back where you left at. Secondary chips and background processing is also in the PS4. The new Sony social interface was than previewed and quickly came that it’s redesigned from scratch with moving videos, tiles to move across and a famous Sony moving wave at the back. Share and upload features were than shown, making the whole interface of editing and uploading pretty quick and simple. Browsing or spectating game plays is now available, as many live stream partners have now a new competitor on their hands. The live stream can also happened directly from the PS4 where users could also help their fellow friend out and watch them play. This is also accessible by Sony products like their phones, tablets and hand held gaming devices like the PSVITA.
Games and Engines
Further information was then presented on by video that was about the plans of the PS4, the ideas that run into their head and what will turn out to be the greatest console in the world. Creators also have been talked about where new game developers and creative game devs, who will work with the PS4 titles. Gorilla games presented their new Killzone game called Killzone: Shadow Fall running real time engine, which looked amazingly well with the game play presentation. A racing game then was shown called Drive Club that showed amazing physics engine and layout of the new game from Evolution Studios. Sucker punch was then rolled onto the stage with its new game called Infamous: Second son for the PS4, also a really good title and game exclusively for the PS world. Media molecule was after showing their technology using the PS move and the dual shock 4, sculpting 3D objects and characters in the virtual world. The Witness was also a new game for the PS4 that was rather boring but seemed okay for the younger audiences. Square Enix came up showing there Luminous Studio Engine and other publishers to came up showing their new engine and games. Last of all for the game I’ve been most waited for was Watch Dogs from Ubisoft as it took the stage at E3 2012 and has done it again. Show casing their game play of the hack able world. Last of all was Activision with a Bungie partner deal bringing the new game Destiny to the PS4 for the first time ever. That was it then after showcasing all the games the event therefore ended in a bag and history was than starting again for Sony as the PS4 will be launched holiday 2013 with amazing titles and ways to play a game. The console hasn't been unveiled yet that still yet to come.

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