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Saturday 16 March 2013

The New Samsung Galaxy S4

Well many of you might have heard the new latest announcement from Samsung regarding a new Galaxy phone called the Galaxy S4 that is waiting to rob people’s wallet for buying the new flagship Samsung device. The Galaxy S4 is a new phone to take technology in smart phones even a mile further with the new swipe features of moving a page via your hand or stop and pause, by just looking away at your phone when viewing a video. However the features may seem unnecessary, but I could see the point of this phones marketing stand of point who want something new or different aside from the looks or hardware. The phone runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, with a S4 make over. The specifications on the GS4 do not seem that staggering as we seen from the S3 that is capable of performing amazing graphics in game or just, looking at the screen.  Which a few changes have been made such as the new 5” Full HD Super Amoled screen that is a whooping 1080p 441 PPI resolution screen that looks incredibly sharp and beautiful from the videos seen on the web. On the other hand hardware also has been a hair upgraded like the up gradable memory from 16, 32,64GB+ with Micro SD. A 13MP camera also has been added that is also seen from the Xperia Z how it’s capable of providing sharp and crisp quality photos seen from the Xperia Z. Bluetooth 4.0, 2mp front camera and NFC is also available with this phone by default. However a IR blaster also has been added meaning you can control your TV via your S4. That can make finding a remote in your house easier by just using your phone. Accessories are also provided by Samsung from a smart cover allowing you to see your time and other things without opening the flap, with many other gadgets pairing with the S4 like a wristband etc. Overall the S4 is a hair thinner and bigger. The looks are very similar that just makes me mad since its nothing new seen from the Samsung Note and Note 2 similar looks and a few changes in hardware exactly with the S4 currently. In my point of view I do not see the upgrade from the S3 to a S4 or any other top notch Android phone like the Xperia Z, HTC one and many others.

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