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Monday 7 January 2013

Project Shield From Nvidia Announced At CES2013

This is a new piece of hardware from Nvidia that may shift gaming into a whole new level. The Shield is a portable hand held gaming PC with a controller built in, for android and PC games that are capable of playing wirelessly when travelling. The hardware of the Nvidia Shield soon to be officially realised is truly staggering  as it contains Nvidias new Tegra 4 CPU that has custom 72 cores Nvidia Geforce GPU processor and a quad core A15 CPU. The hardware Is clearly staggering from the powerful processor already, as it also includes more features such as a 5” 1280x720P HD display for all its gaming glory that can be used as a capacitive touch screen display for gaming and other media. Integrated custom speakers are also on the Shield with a tuned port audio system for connecting the Shield to an audio system device via the built in port. Other also available are mini HDMI, USB 3.0 and a special SD card slot for memory making memory easily to afford. Wi-Fi is also included with a custom 80.211n 2x2 MIMO game speed Wi-Fi for high speed ultra fast gaming due to the features of connecting to steam and playing games wirelessly without the full user experience not being dimmed down to bits. The best feature of the Shield is the OS where it uses Android Jelly Bean as a default stock operating system from Google. This is a huge turn on for many gamers and people already using the OS on tablets, phones and many more. So you will except to see full mobile features on latest android smart phones to appear on the Nvidia Shield such as games, videos and many more being downloaded from the Android Market that is vastly growing in the last couple of years. For more information please check out for more details.

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