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Friday 4 January 2013

Astro A40 2013 Ed Audio System Mini Review / Story

The Astro A40 2013 gaming headset is one of the best gaming headset in the market today, with many positive reviews from MLG gamers and You Tubers; it’s definitely a product that shows the charm from Astro Gaming. After many headsets I’ve been through like the Steel Series Siberia V2, Trittons AX720, and Trittons AX720+ there is always that possibility that the headset will break down in a short period of time, which stupidly affected my Tritton AX720+ on the 23rd of December. The problem of the Tritton were the right ear cup were not working and after decisions and endless searching on the web, I decided its correct that I refund the product meaning I would get the full £110 I've payed for back and I did. After the hassle to going to the store and getting a refund I straight away ran home and purchased the Astro A40 2013 ED from Astro Gaming, which currently is the best gaming headset in my eyes. Afterwards I made the purchase of the Astro A40 2013 Edition, that includes the key component the 7.1 Mix amp pro in the package, which is rather impressive hardware by itself. I ordered my headset before researching on reviews and comments,  on the 28th  of December, that a few days later via standard shipping it arrived on the 31st of December, which is a really late date for a Christmas present however the wait was well worth every penny.  So after getting a big brown box from a UPS guy at 1pm I quickly dashed to my room setting up my normal camera equipment for an unboxing video to find out what’s in the box with an overview commentary with my microphone. So here is my mini review of the Astros A40s 2013 Edition, also stay tuned for a video review later on in the future.
Astro A40 2013 Model
So after setting up the camera, I done a unboxing video which I was shocked and really happy for since the packaging and the way the product was presented was completely insane, with artistic images and great detail to perfection.  That caught my eye in a second. The headset itself was the most amazing piece of hardware I have gotten since which I am glad and very thankful for since it is a quality headset I've ever gotten from a long time from Astro.  I really mean it since the headset felt amazingly great on my head, it was very comfortable after the minute I put on my head and the introductions were pretty straight forward setting up the headset. The cables included were also great quality cables also a +1 from me were flexible and sturdy cabled that has no worries of tears or problems. Even if the cables experienced problems the cables are fully available online meaning you can buy extra official cables from Astro for a small price. Which I thought it was a great marketing plan even if things do go wrong. The Mix amp pro was also an amazing piece of hardware that turns your disadvantages to hearing footsteps to a much better chance of sound whoring enemies that sneak up behind. I mean the headset really does work perfectly since you do hear the things you never wish of hearing in a game, happen with this headset and mix amp pro. So that’s all I have to say really thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy these images below from Astro Gaming and from my iPhone.
Mixamp Pro 7.1 & Inline Mute Cable
Amazing Packaging

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