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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Spigen SGP Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case (Black/Slate)

So it has been a long time since I have last bought aniPhone 5 case, which was the Belkin Sheer Matte case that you have seenpreviously. Now I have decided that rather than having one case all the time I couldbuy a much better case for the looks, quality and the construction. This is wherethe company Spigen SGP comes in with their slim armour case a 2 tone designsimilar to the iPhone 5 naked with elite protection and grip. The case itselfcomes in a neat packaging that can draw many eyes to the store or even openingit, since the plastic packaging is clearly visible and safe to open. Once youopen the packaging you are greeted with the case itself and inside you willfind an instruction manual labelled inside with a 3 home jelly buttons and aproduct leaflet to showcase some cases and etc. The case is easily the bestlooking case if anyone wants to maintain the normal beauty of the iPhone 5 withthe layer of perfect protection. Buttons and cut out work superb and so doesapplying the case on the phone itself that can be done 2 ways like a charm.Great case great product, which I will give it a 5/5 for the price you paywhich is £16 and also the designs available from Gun/Metal, Black/Slate andSilver/Black.
Nice plastic packaging.
Comes with a nice instruction guide and 3 home jelly buttons.
The Spigen SGP Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case itself
Nice quality cuts outs and perfect buttons with great inner protection and feel.

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