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Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year And Welcome To A New Change

Happy New Year and welcome to the new layout, where nearly everything is changed from the view, banner and also the colour scheme. So you are probably thinking why did i choose this particular change, well the reason is the old look was a rather boring and dull that had not intentions of standing out to the user. This however is a template which is 100% customizable with codes and also widgets to make the user experience much easier. The change was planned 1 month ago where I made a post about a new look coming very soon that is here officially. However things may change very often such as widgets icons and also placements of advertisements. I also hope to gain 10,000 views as already I’ve went across the mark of 5,500 views which is completely outstanding for a beginner like me. I am hugely glad and can’t wait to make more posts for my viewers to enjoy in 2013.  Thank you once again for viewing the progress of this website and am very happy to continue this adventure.

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