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Friday 31 May 2013

Duzign Transparent Snap On Case Mini Review

So after a while I have thought about buying a clear back case for my iPhone 5, since I adore the lovely design of it. This lead to me finding the perfect case for the phone where the lip isn't exposed which I hate.  So after a few hard looks on Amazon, I found the perfect case. This was the Duzign transparent snap on case in Black also available in the white form. The case itself is a beauty since there is literally no major problems aside from a few scratches like any other clear case in the world. Which may bother some, but for me it’s a small little problem since the case is only 4.99. Since its first cheap and easy to buy another one if it wears or tears down, which is very unlikely due to its strong durability and stiff rubber used around the case for shock absorption.  The packaging is decent for a case like this since it doesn't cost like £15+. Therefore it isn't a big deal. However the buttons of a case is the key for use. Which this case contains amazing feedback and easy to reach mute switch for a case like this. It’s simply easy, responsive and great for touch. Overall the price, design and feel of the case are perfect, in which I rate this case 5/5.

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