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Thursday 23 May 2013

The Xbox One Conference Review

Microsoft released their next gen console on the 21st of May. Which is called the Xbox One, from the gamer point of view the name sounds dull and not very innovative. However during the announcement of the name, they showed the full console with controller to the viewers. That didn't attract my eyes fully since it looked like an old DVR player. Which spoiled the whole name of the system since it doesn't look very great depending on the design that could’ve been done much better and unique. Well the console is designed around a black box I believe. But it contains some pretty average specs since it nearly matches the PS4 hardware. So the Xbox One has 8 Core CPU clocked at 1.6ghz, 8GB DDR3 ram, 500GB HDD, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi direct and the last feature Blu-Ray drive. That did quite annoy me but what you’re going to do, while its 7 years for Microsoft. But I do except the same with Sony with the Blue Ray drive.  On the other hand the CPU of the PS4 is clocked at rumored 2.0 GHZ with a big advantage of GDDR5 8GB ram that gives a huge boost for better graphics and a wider opportunity for game developers.
Meanwhile the Xbox One has 3 operating systems Windows, Xbox OS and a bridge between the two. Microsoft also showed of their new home screen of the Xbox One. That looks similar to the Windows dashboard on the 360. Voice use is also the whole conference was aimed around, since it uses voice recognition to switching over games, programmes and music. Also you can combine the two with fantasy apps, Skype and many more running on the side of the screen while you surf on the Xbox One. The controller of the Xbox One was shown how different it was, like new features of a better D-pad, triggers, design and battery. Which honesty the design wasn’t very pleasing either. Furthermore Microsoft leaded the path for EA to talk about their games; Forza 5 was also shown, with a new Halo TV series. Overall no game play was shown so we couldn't see the performance and graphics of the Xbox One since all the trailers were pre rendered footage. So that was it from Microsoft’s conference on the Xbox One, where more is to be revealed on E3 2013 from June 11-13.

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