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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Low Cost iPhone By Apple?

Over the past couple of years like every other Apple product. There has been at least 1-2 leaked images showing how the product would look like. Which is obviously heated and sweating news for Apple, since they must direct the product to be launched and announced newly. If everyone knows what the next Apple product looks like. Well, now the next product to be leaked is the marvelous and well known iPhone. Because Apple make it every year since the first iPhone. That consists of big or small updates to the phone looking at the letter and generation of iPhone. The "S" on some iPhones like the 4 and 3. Featured some pretty small updates, with tweaks for the CPU or camera. But now its a time for the iPhone 5, that is still selling very large quantities for a high price figure of the phone itself. Being available with various memory choices. So your wondering obviously Apple will step up the price a notch to make an insane profit. But weirdly Apple has decided to make a low cost iPhone called the iPhone 5C. That may feature a full plastic back cover to save cost instead of the lovely aluminium back on the iPhone 5. Also rumoured various colours will be available instead of the black and white. Which Apple has always had their phone colours limited. This time a spec of iPod touch colours may be introduced to the iPhone. Other features are rumored are a fingerprint scanner. An alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 face recognition and other methods to stop people accessing the phone. However most hasn't been leaked yet like the specifications. But I do think for a low price iPhone 5. The specifications won't be too convincing, due to the price. The name maybe really close to the possibility of being true since, the packaging has been leaked with the name iPhone 5C on the side.

However a YouTuber called "DetroitBORG" has shown the apparent iPhone 5C back which is made from plastic, featuring a curved rectangular back. So the video down below easily shows the back panel of the leaked iPhone 5C. Maybe this is true, who knows what Apple might do next?

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