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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Xqisit Leather iPhone 5 Flip Cover Case

Many of you might have seen cases made from plastic on this website. But today in this review it all changes to the Xqisit Leather iPhone 5 flip cover case as its one hell of a good case for what you pay for. The case comes in a basic packaging with a small hole to feel the leather case from the outside before even buying. This is a great thing to have, anyway moving onto the case which is pretty amazing. The stitching of the case inside just shows the quality perfection of this case. Meaning this isn't a case where you bought for a cheap price that then falls apart in like 2 weeks after some rough use. This case is something that can be stylish, comfortable and great to use every day. Since the bottom cut outs for lightning cable and 3.5mm headphones jack work easily. However you may have some issues regarding with the speakers if closed with the magnetic clip. This works pretty much most of the time due to a slight pressure to flip open. On the other hand this is pretty much the first every flip cover leather case I have gotten. Since I never liked the ability to flip the cover of the case then use it. But as time age’s people change and this kind of grew on me due to a much mature look and taste when wearing a nice suit (James Bond style). Overall I give this case a 4.5/5. Reason a -0.5 deduction is the small lip over the buttons that make it a tiny bit hard to push.
Lovely inside with amazing stitching for looks and quality.

The amazing rear of the case.

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