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Friday 27 September 2013

iPhone 5C and 5S Officially Launched

After some time, Apple finally released another iPhone. Yet again, but this time Apple have thought about the less capable people who can't afford a iPhone 5. Which lead them to making a cheaper iPhone 5 called the 5C. On the other hand people who can afford an iPhone starting at £549. Can afford the more faster and better iPhone called the 5S. That consists of the normal sleek aluminium material, with 3 colours. Champagne Gold, Space Grey and White. While the 5C has 7 colours from Yellow, Red, White, Blue and Green. That starts at £469.  Approximately £100 less from an iPhone 5S. But in all honesty, Apple has seem to think £469 for an iPhone 5C is cheap. But its not since, £400+ are the budget for most high end smart phones. Which iPhone 5C still is due to the A6 Chip. But its the design and colours in my opinion the reason iPhone 5C was made. While the 5S was made basically to be more faster and to feature small design changes. Like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the home button. That makes purchases, unlocks and other tasks way easier by a touch of a button using your fingers. Which can easily bring new users to buy a iPhone since it already have sold 9 million units so far (for 5C and 5S). That sounds staggering and unusual, due to the expectations people thought about the new models.

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