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Friday 11 October 2013

My GTA Online Experience So Far

GTA online has been released with a shaky start, that includes huge amounts bugs, problems and glitches. However Rockstar has been trying to shake down the issues by releasing updates and patches. That is still being looked at and updated today. My multiplayer experience has been kind of okay, where i've waited time to get into the online experience. But at the end was worth it cause the problems got little by little each time i didn't play online. Which was great news for me since i wasn't able to jump on GTA online due to my college work. On the other hand when i did, playing missions, robbing stores, jobs and activities online. Were very fun and great. Which exactly Rockstar needed similar to GTA4 online but much better. One thing that does make GTA5 addictive and enjoyable is the way you build your character and money. For something you look forward to. Like an apartment, planes and vehicles. That make the online experience incredible satisfying once hit the mark to buy a dream apartment. However online still has some major issues like no friendly fire lobbies, glitches, passive mode, death cost and personal cars being blown up. Other than that heists will take a hefty long time to arrive. Making earning money really difficult to people who keep dieing. But there is still some improvements GTA online needs to make it a long lasting game.
GTA major character deletion issue tutorial

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