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Saturday 19 October 2013

The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Remember the Lamborghini Veneno we all saw awhile ago at some major car events with a price tag of 3 million. Now Lamborghini thought it would be even a better idea to make a convertible edition. Called the Veneno Roadster, which costs around 3.3 million. Even bigger news that its only 9 being produced with 1 heading of to the Lamborghini HQ in Italy. So I guess people have to be very quick into buying one of these crazy monsters. As it completely looks like a madman's space ship flying over people's head. Which is probably the reason why many like it. Or it just looks like a hideous bug with air vents every 2 cms. But we do know that it must of taken seriously amount of balls for Lamborghini to tip off an Roadster edition. Because of the regulations also about the performance. As still officially kicks out a whooping 750 HP. However with the lightweight chassis and heaps of aerodynamic splitters. This monster will push heaps and feets of large power shredding through air like no tomorrow. I mean come on look at those splitters and that rear wing. Its just something God said "its enough thats it now". Which makes this car so special and unique from other concept and road going vehicles. On the other hand i would wish the Lamborghini Egoista to be out abit more. Since it also looks like a angry spacecraft with orange bits from an aliens suit. 

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